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What a beautiful beautiful movie - Moondance Alexander!

Just flipped through this movie by going through the movies/series Lori Loughlin (Rebecca Donaldson of Full House series) has acted in, and was surprisingly amazed by the engaging, beautiful story of the movie about a sweet girl and her friendship with a horse she finds on her way and how they win the classic competition. A must watch!

Loving my new apartment and plush green surroundings #NGV #Bangalore

I love the IIT-B campus and have considered it such a great living place with so much greenery around, and have thoughts how we have missed those days without utilising such a great extra-currics facilities and green atmosphere to full extent and how it would be so awesome to live in a similar plush green area while working as a professional. And I am living that dream now and its so awesome. I just moved to a new flat at NGV (National Games Village) in Koramangala - the centre and most happening area of bangalore. Besides the great night life in terms of restaurants etc the plush green surroundings inside the NGV complex is such a soothing place to roam around. While looking for a new apartment one of the *necessary* conditions in my hunt was a good society/ complex having  a park. I kind of wanted a *good* option to have a walk anytime during the day and night - even midnight, in my routine. It was immensely difficult to find such good, rare societies at bangalore with all the constraints of distance from my work place, which is at MG Road - the epicenter of bangalore and huge chaos and bad infrastructure with little or no good residential complexes, and as soon as I saw first apartment inside NGV  I just fell in love with the area and decided to move there only. Couple of weeks and few more house hunting I finalised this apartment and moved here 2 weeks back. Although I am in the process settling down at new place, but I am so in love with this place. It feels like, I just don’t want to move from this area till the time I would remain in bangalore. 

Stuck in worst traffic jam ever.

Around 500 m in 40+ minutes :-s. Going to miss the starting part of the movie #HSKD

High on fashion! Where’s the party tonight? This month?

Finally and finally got something, lots of things, all (?, well almost), what I wanted since past numerous months, but just couldn’t find anywhere. Have been left empty handed from all present stores in past 6-8 months, as I end up being quite picky about my personal things I love and care about. And just today on impromptu visit after long time, just found it all, across me, lying in front of my eyes. Just couldn’t believe it, and ended up grabbing just everything. Feeling almost fulfilled with my wish list and what I envisioned having since long time. Never felt like this before. It’s like some  designer just read my thoughts and put it all over there. Today must be my lucky day.


PS. Moving to new flat also this weekend :-D

Playing this week: Humpty Sharma ki dulhaniya #music #bollywood

Loving the fast paced, completely mad, silly, bollywood’ish music of Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya - the upcoming movie of bollywood. Too much fun swaying over the music past few days. Completely going along the mood of going completely free and along the lines of long awaited change in my life. #MovingToNewApartment #NGV

Shopping spree!

Just a minor mood shift about visiting stores after hearing about sale season at lifestyle and other stores, and ended up spending huge on whopping no. of clothing items. More colours adding to my wardrobe.

It’s going to be a new beginning from next week after moving to new flat and new environment to open myself out with various things I wanted to add to my routine, and this week is going to add on as a catalyst to the upcoming change. Fingers crossed ,'

How to master your time

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How to master your time
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Yay! New apartment finalised completely. Moving this weekend :-)

Its going to be hectic coming few weeks and months to settle down at new place. Looking forward to the new change and environment :-D

HSBC #Pain

HSBC bank accounts extra device security is a big pain in daily usage for customers. Disappointed! Moving away~

Yay! Finally finalised new flat to move to. Well almost~ #FingersCrossed

Saw a 2 BHK apartment today at National Games Village Complex (NGV) directly through owner, and liked it, and almost finalised it today. Just via word of mouth with a small token amount. It turned out to be a great understanding with owner, and he seems to be a really nice guy. Signing the rental agreement tomorrow afternoon, and I am going to be moving soon to the new apartment. Yay! :-D

I have been looking for a new house since past few weeks, and after going through a lot of options, had decided to look a flat only inside NGV complex which is a great location having huge parks, clubs and almost everything required in day to day life just inside within few hundred metres distance. Would consider myself really lucky having find this at appropriate time and grabbing it completely my way ;-). Lucky me!

Looking for a major change further in my life, and going to settle down in sometime with enhanced quality of life. 

Insomnia #Change #Introspection

A big news, decision or upcoming change, taken by myself with unconventional reasoning defying general surroundings viewpoint, and I just cannot get any sleep after trying to minutely analysing the situation and event over and over. Lying on bed since hours without any trace of sleep. And I was hell tired few hours before and eager to go to bed. Still, insomnia.

Let it go. Let it go!

Watch it for the disclaimer. (Pathetic Bollywood films can turn your brain into curd.)


Lovely starting music piece. #HouseMeetsVoglar #HouseMD