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Night Fury - What a character!

Just watched How to train your dragon again on TV, and oh man, Night fury is such an awesome character in the movie. So unique and different than other Disney/ Pixar characters. Kudos to the creativity of the designers and artists :-)

Now if anyone asks me whether I like pets, my answer is going to be - “only if its night fury :-D”. Reminded me of the awesome paragliding - flying experience at Wanli, Taiwan.

Something different after a long time. What a choreography!! Refreshingly, madly mind blowing.

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Why aren’t more movies from Diana Penty?

Just watching Cocktail again on TV, and loved her role in it. She was so pretty and refreshing as a model, and had such a great  screen presence. Having her own style and completely different than rest of the Bollywood actresses. Would love to watch her again in some more good movies~

“Take a bow, Mr. Cook. And leave that shirt untucked. Tails are for players.”
I’m dead meat #GymnasiumDayOne

Joined a gym today and after day one workout I am feeling like dead meat. Can’t feel my body at all :-(

MOST SNAKES EVER - Tum Mere Ho Review #Hilarious


Raanjhana - A good story and watch!

A good movie! Its a little complicated as they have mixed love story and politics. But Dhanush’s (Kundan) role, of a guy who is deeply in love with a girl and is ready to do *anything* in life, is just superb.

Jacqueline Fernandez Walks The Ramp for Anju Modi During Lakme Fashion Week

Indeed beautiful!

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I’ve found that I don’t make decisions. Instead they come to me like a visitor does to your doorstep.

Here I am! I’m the Decision.

The Epic Love Story - DDLJ that could only exist in Indian cinema. I love Bollywood.

The classic. The best. DDLJ :-)

DDLJ :-)

Watching the classic #DDLJ @ SMax :-D

Love you SRK and Kajol. The best’est actors of bollywood and the best couple onscreen :-)

Kudos to Aditya Chopra for such a wonderful script and movie.